Services and Pricing

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WHO we are

CDflyers specialises in Cheap CD & DVD duplication for DJs, Artists, Bands, Producers and Club Nights.
We are located in Edinburgh but have worked with many contacts throughout the UK.
All our work is carried out in-house to the highest standards, utilising the most up-to-date equipment and quality materials to ensure a reliable and a consistent end product.


How we started

In 1999 whilst promoting our club night Cerotonin, people would drop our flyers on the ground when leaving, this was a waste of money and bad for the environment.
It was then that we had the unique idea for using CDs as flyers for promoting our club night.
We were the first to do this on a monthly basis in Scotland (and maybe even further afield!) and other clubs soon followed suit as it allowed potential clubbers the chance to sample the music at your club.

At first we got a local company to produce the CDs but after a few months this became very costly. However we could already see a return from them with increased numbers and publicity for the club.
We therefore decided to buy CD duplication equipment and began producing them ourselves. Soon we started getting enquires from word of mouth around the clubbing community asking where we got our CDs produced and from there we started supplying local DJs, clubs and bands.


PreseNt day

In 2010 we have changed the name from SMD Promotions to CDflyers and have set up a full online ordering system.

Our unique selling points still remain the same in providing high quality CDs & DVDs at a low cost with fast turnaround times compared with established duplication production houses.

We are fully committed to providing an excellent quality low cost service not only for the music industry but also to businesses wishing to produce discs containing promotional business tools, brochures, powerpoint presentations and a huge variety of multi media applications.